Files Missing? + No grub

This is showing on start: /dev/sda2: clean, 234752/31973376 files, 4262350/127665600 blocks. Cursor showing up after 3sec. After 6 Manjaro starts.
What can i do? Update Manjaro?
And the second problem the grub is not showing up before Manjaro start.

Which files??

Press esc to see the boot menu. If you want it to show up at every boot then change GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE from hidden to menu in /etc/default/grub as root and run sudo update-grub.

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It just sounds like your system is starting not-so-fast.
Those ‘files’ lines are fsck checking integrity.
To the second thing - grub is hidden by default. You can change this behavior or tap Esc during boot.

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Thanks for help


As a side note: you should always keep your installation up to date. This is a (curated) rolling release and you’re expected to keep up:

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