Files I deleted yesterday showing up in trash on new Manjaro install

Hi so essentially files that are dated having been deleted yesterday are showing up in my trash on a new manjaro install. Im pretty certain that these deleted files are from an external harddrive Ive plugged in but wanted to ask to be sure: If I delete files on an external harddrive then they will show up in my trash right?

Normally, yes, unless you hard-delete them ─ i.e. bypassing the trashcan, which is usually done by hitting Shift+Del instead of just Del.

Be advised however that if you seek to restore those files without that the external drive is plugged in, then they will be restored to the directory that the external drive would normally have been mounted at, and unless you’ve set up a custom mountpoint in /etc/fstab, the default mountpoint for the external drive will be a directory under the /run hierarchy.

However, the contents of /run live on a tmpfs, which is a virtual-memory-based filesystem ─ i.e. RAM, but swappable. This means that its contents will be irrevocably lost when you power off the computer. So make sure that the external drive is plugged in again if you plan on restoring those deleted files.


Each partition (besides your root and home ones) shall have its own .Trash folder for trash management. Thus, files deleted on your external hard drive will “survive” a new installation, as those files are kept in the .Trash folder of that partition, untouched by the new installation.


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thanks this seems like a concise and useful answer


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