File picker issue in Virtualbox

When setting up default path to the Virtual Machine files and choosing the iso the GUI is stuck. Only way to get to the directory or the files is to type the path into the text box with the path.

The GUI actually reflects the location change while the path is typed out. It seems that the cursor interactions with the file picker don’t work for some reason.

Got my things done since I am comfortable with lsblk and other command to find the paths I need. (the copying doesn’t work since the application demands particular formatting of the names with whitespaces).

With less terminal savy people that might be an issue.

AFAIK it’s a Virtualbox glitch that’s been around for quite some time. I usually need to use keyboard Tab and Arrow keys to navigate. The location bar can be clicked to show the full path which is editable.

As said above, you press TABTABTABTAB until the selection goes to files/folders, then you use the arrows , then your press ENTER to validate. Once you have done it once or twice it is a non issue you can live with (but very annoying until you find your way around).

From my comment on the bug report this has been like that for at least a year.

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You will be interested to know, that I didn’t have that issue when I used virtualbox in Mabox Linux, which is the Openbox fork.

Yep it is a KDE problem. I mean a problem on KDE.