File manager: cannot unhide side panel

Using the default Thunar File Manager, I have pressed F9 to temporarily hide the side menu, but after closing/reopening Thunar, I can no longer unhide the side panel with F9, nor make it visible by other means.

What other means? Have you tried View- Sidepane and check Shortcuts or Tree?

On mine the quick keys are Ctrl+B or Ctrl+E


Menu isn’t visible so cannot go that route, but ctrl + B and ctrl + E are even better.



View-Menubar should make menu bar visible

Not sure where I can even access “View”. Right-clicking all over. Properties. Even checked “File Manager Settings” app.

It is a bit embarrassing that I cannot figure out how to access that menu. Oh well… honestly these shortcut keys are even better (as long as I remember them).

Are these shortcuts listed somewhere?

Cntrl+M brings up the Menubar

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My file manager troubles are over…

… except for these intermittent crashes it’s been experiencing lately,
but that’s for another thread, perhaps.

Thanks again!

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