File management problem with gwenview

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with gwenview used within gnome: using the shortcut F8, “move”, the last destination folder is not stored.
As an example, if I want to move an image from the Holidays_2022 folder to the Holidays_2022/scrap folder, every time I have to select the scrap folder manually.
This does not happen on the Plasma version of Manjaro nor on other distros, such as Debian.
The packages and dependencies of gwenview on kde seem to be the same as pamac on gnome.
Can anyone suggest a solution?

Gwenview is a KDE/Plasma app - not designed for Gnome.

Thank you linux-aarhus,
I’m aware of this, I’ve been using gwenview in gnome after abandoning kde years ago because I like it and because it had this feature linked to the f8 key, which is moving the chosen file to the last destination folder.
Until some time ago the described problem did not occur in manjaro and in the other distros I use gnome + gwenview it still does not occur.

Hello, everyone,
I have left gwenview and switched to geeqie.

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