Fifth preview of Manjaro Ellada released

had used that during “redhat6.2” days onwards… till gdm was launched by default !
using slim for customizing with a BG :blush:

.xinitrc is yer goal. :slight_smile:

Although, personally I like a well-dressed OS. :slight_smile:



I think i was the drop that spilled the cup
Manjaro is one of the best Linux distro.
and the opensource philosophy is Work together to make good

  1. I use thunderbird.
  2. I use gimp
  3. i agree with c00ter i like a well-dressed OS.
  4. Vlc is a powerful opensource media player and i like it.

Respect & peace


My point is : for a friendly Linux Distro . a well dressed Os include smooth transition is a must feature for newbies.


We are currently working on grub-quiet, which is similar how Ubuntu uses grub. Stefano is currently testing and maintaining that package. In some branches it can be already installed with sudo pacman -S grub-dev.


Congratulation for the developer of Manjaro Team !

simply curious, what feature have Xine ? which don’t have the VLC !??

Because looking today, the Mangaro will have included the Xine in distribution 16.08 , but this player have discontinued support of the development …


You are awesome Manjaro team. and what about smooth transition from plymouth to display-manager
I am looking forward for that.

Best regard

What about making a poll about the default app in Manjaro
just a humble opinion



Please , waiting Update for KDE Apps 16.08 !

Akonadi is very buggy, in 16.04 …

yes !
a Good idea !

where is the pool ?

I do :slight_smile: What email clients you guys use? Why is it better than Thunderbird? (I hope I can ask this question here and it is not too much off topic)

1 whatever the thread about preview are always off topic

This thread is for feedback, so anything goes. Regarding the package list. We have the default set and a minimal set. Minimal we use for development and the FAT ISOs we ship out. It always depends on the feedback. Over the years the current package set was the result.

Both pre5 Kde and Xfce are working good in VB.

i just create one Manjaro default app (poll).

i am sorry i think i make this topic off.


Something is weird with this preview.

I was distro-hopping for a while and I had pre2 for about 3 weeks. During that time the “media control” applet was picking up my players such as DeadBeeF and MPV, and I could control them with KDE Connect.

Now, I came back and reinstalled pre5 (I decided to stick with Manjaro) and now the same applet only picks up players like VLC, while the others aren’t. They also don’t show on KDE Connect. Did something changed?

Nothing on my end has changed. Apart from installing the pre5, my hardware remains the same and the software that I installed are also the same and when I used pre2.

I’m completely clueless to why it worked before and now it isn’t. Worse of all is that, I really used that feature, as I could just skip songs and videos through my mobile.

Xfce edition tested (on virtualbox) and it work smooth as excepted (congratulation) , but my eyes hurts me :cry: ; the fonts are very light , i read them with pain.

Just an opinion .


use redshift or f.lux


thanks i will give it a try. but my problem is the fonts which are ugly.

Just an opinion .

Respect and peace

mail client of lighter weight than thunderbird can be added ?[a more light wt, less frills and just mail with pop / imap options with no frills ?]

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