FFaudioConverter: Simple DnD audio converter (with optional effects, can also extract audio from videos)



Hi, I made a program for converting music or videos into different audio formats. It is called FFaudioConverter. Of course it is open source.

This is how the GUI looks like:

It is pretty simple, you can drop your files in or you can right click a music or video file or a directory -> open with -> FFaudioConverter.

Current feature list:

  • Multithreading (use the full power of your cpu)
  • Supported output formats are MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, FLAC and WAV
  • Audio filters possible (bass boost your music or do fade-ins/outs…)
  • Multiple quality levels
  • Change of samplerate possible
  • High quality resampling with SoX possible
  • Quick mode for copying files in same format and skip already converted files

And this is how the main settings look:

Planned features:

  • More translations: This app is currently available in english and german. It would be nice if you can help to translate it into your language.
  • …You tell me (open an Issue on GitHub)

There are 2 install methods at the moment:

You can find the Source code on GitHub:

FFaudioConverter is a new project with not many users yet. I give my best, but there may be bugs. Please report them on GitHub.

Thanks for testing, happy usage,
have a nice day,
Bleuzen :smiley:


Looks good thanks for supporting the open source movement.


I just released version 0.19!
Here is the changelog:

  • Added ‘Quick mode’ feature. It copies files which are already in the selected output format and skipps already converted files. While this may be faster, it does not change the bitrate or samplerate!
  • Added SoX resampler support. You can use high quality resampling now.

Happy testing :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I just pushed out a new update!
It is already available in the AUR and soon on Flathub.

New feature:

  • You can now apply audio filters. Bass boost your music or let it fade-in and fade-out… :wink:

This is now nearly feature complete, but before releasing version 1.0, I want the translations to be more complete. Please help to translate it into your language. This would be very nice of you.