Feedback: IMO Manjaro installation experience is quite smooth

It was easy to download Gnome image, boot from it and then go through installation options after Gnome demo booted from USB stick. An entire experience was fast.

If anyone is curios about hardware used (parts that matter from OS perspective):

  • Intel i3-10100 CPU (quad core), $115
  • MSI H410M PRO LGA 1200 motherboard $70
  • Intel 660P 512GB SSD, $65
  • 8GB DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) RAM $28
  • Not sure if power supply matters: Rosewill CAPSTONE-450 (450watt) $65.

I had similarly good installation experience on AMD based hardware a few months ago.

In some ways I think it is easier and smoother than Ubuntu installation, but Ubuntu I used was 18.04.


I changed the category to feedback since it is feedback, not a support request :wink:

Glad to hear that you have a smooth experience :slight_smile: