Feed The Rich


Yet another piece of music produced using Manjaro :slight_smile:
Think of it as either, a song about homeless people being used as food for the rich, ala Soylent green…OR, a metaphor for how the rich treat the homeless…take your pick :smiley:


In Glorious one chanel only really need to do better than that


I guess you are big fan of The Cure?!? Something in the voice reminds me of Ian Dury too, but i feel it needs more Leonard Cohen in it …
You have a very cool composition skills and the lyrics are cool too, but the voice sounds a bit “behind” and unclear here and there, covered by the instruments.


Awesome song dude! :slight_smile:
If something sounds rude sorry it’s not in my intention. My english is broken :smiley:

Soundcloud compression always messing up high registers so you need to master tracks little bit different than usually and you definitely need to try avldrums, Led Zeppelin set should be perfect :slight_smile:

What I can tell you from my experience is you need high and low compression on vocals or you can try to cut them a little in equalizer. Back vocals need to be louder, they are almost audible.

I can’t tell now for sure but I think acoustic parts have picks, electric guitar sounds good only need some work on mix. You can try to work with Calf 30-band equalizer on master channel and experiment with tape emulator from Calf (don’t remember how it named exactly).

Don’t know how to help you better at the moment cuz I don’t know your setup. What I know for 100% song is great.

You can check my gitlab. I’m adding from time to time plugins to list in offline help folder. RecBox is not done yet but you can give it a try.

Some time ago I’ve found SpectreSoundStudios channel. It’s about recording metal but tutorials are priceless. Definitely worth checking :slight_smile: