Feature request: zstd support for grub



Manjaro-architect is getting support for zstd compression for btrfs filesystem in the next update. I was wondering if grub still supports it. It has been available in grub-git for some time now, and now I read that it might be released now:


Does this apply to our version of grub? @philm @oberon


I don’t think it does.

In the Manjaro version of GRUB, file grub-core/fs/btrfs.c lacks zstd header.
See https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grub.git/diff/grub-core/fs/btrfs.c?id=386128648606a3aa6ae7108d1c9af52258202279

Manjaro would probably need this patch:


Okay, changing this to a feature request then


@philm what is your take on this? Would you have time and desire to include this, or would you be okay with someone else doing it?