Feature Request: Add the transparency patches to the gnome-terminal package


I would like to request the Manjaro build of gnome-terminal include the transparency patches.

Quite some time ago, gnome developers removed the transparency options from the gnome terminal. There is a patch available and an AUR package to add the transparency functionality back. It seems more and more distributions are adding this in by default.

Since the gnome terminal is the default terminal in the gnome edition and quite a few of the community spins it would be great to have this option without resorting to compiling the source manually or via the AUR package.

Thanks for your consideration.


We have that already in a separate package, gnome-terminal-fedora.


As suggested by me


Thanks! I wonder if there would be value in updating the description of that package to state that it includes transparency and notifications. When looking to make my gnome terminal transparent I rarely search for “fedora” :smile:


I would say “Gnome transparent terminal”