[Feature Request] Ability to crop image in the snapshot tool

Ability to crop and highlight image in snapshot tool(spectacle) would improve the utility of the tool.

I guess it would probably better be addressed to Spectacle (KDE) devs.


Just export image from Spectacle to Gwenview and crop there :wink:

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That’s what i do but it would be convenient to have the option in spectacle itself.
Also you can’t highlight things in the image using gwenview. Using another tool for that is not a convenient solution.

I believe a snapshot tool should have the ability to crop, highlight and annotate the image.

In that case, you should suggest it to the Spectacle developers (KDE).

So you should suggest it to Spectacle developers or use other tools with this ability (e.g. Flameshot).

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Reported on KDE Bug tracking system as a feature request

I think they are implementing it and should come soon… maybe for 20.12 applications release, for the crop I don’t know.

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ksnip offers cropping. Not sure about annotation though, or “highlighting”, but I use GIMP for that stuff.