Fcitx5 在kde plasma 無法在wine 的應用(Line)裡面使用 fcitx5 in plasma cannot used in wine application

在使用fcitx5 之下,無論是line 還是notepad++都沒有辦法用 Ctrl + Space 切換輸入法,更別提打字了。這應該不是manjaro 的問題而是 kde 的問題,因為我之前使用xfce 版本的時候都沒有問題 。還是直接放棄plasma 用gnome 比較快?? 是不是kde 跟xim 有衝突不給用?? 謝謝

fcitx5+kde plasma + wine application is not working, but xfce gnome works. Why?? Maybe xim has some issue with plasma desktop

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Has anyone encountered a similar problem? ?
Under the use of fcitx5, neither line nor notepad++ can use Ctrl + Space to switch input methods, let alone typing. This should not be a manjaro problem but a kde problem, because I used the xfce version before without problems. Or is it faster to just give up plasma and use gnome? ? Is there a conflict between kde and xim? ? thanks

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Oh! It turns out lzh_TW locale makes wine application not compatible with fcitx5 in order to type chinese, so you have to export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 to change environment variable in order to use it. The wierdest part is that before I used Manjaro in xfce version without this locale issue(linux mint cinnamon as well). Just wonder how plasma desktop interact with input methods. It treats input methods and locale slightly different than other DE

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Then you should also be able to start your wine like this:

LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 /usr/bin/wine

In other words just place that environment variable assignment on same line as the command you execute separated by a space, this will set that environment variable only for that command, no need to export it in your account profile configs…
(Like ~/.zshrc and the like)


Haha! I used it before and it garbled the UI

After testing in virtualbox and main machine I know that kde plamsa don’t integrate locale greatly.First, If locale already set in zh_TW.utf8 (utf8 is crucial for fcitx5 to work) when installing manjaro , It works out of the box. My main machine use lzh_TW when install so it not works.Besides,kde desktop UI not respond and change after changing locale and restart.

We need to delete the


that holds the desktop language config manually for me which told from archwiki, and then restart. It’s annoying that changing locale or language in setting manager or plasma setting doesn’t affect kde desktop immediately

Anyways, @TriMoon thanks for your help

OH! I just found that lzh_TW means Classical Chinese, no wonder it not works out of the box. Thus, I think the calamares installer should pair Taipei,Taiwan with locale zh_TW.utf8

I cloned the Calamares installer code and cannot found the pair of lzh_TW

It is mentioned on line 334 inside /etc/locale.gen, you need to un-comment the line(s) you want and follow the instructions on the top of that file, eg. run locale-gen
See: Locale - ArchWiki

334 #lzh_TW UTF-8 
509 #zh_TW.EUC-TW EUC-TW  
510 #zh_TW.UTF-8 UTF-8  
511 #zh_TW BIG5  

I have no idea how Calamares works sorry :woman_shrugging:

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