Fcitx5 failed to switch input method

Hello everyone! I had used fcitx5 + KDE for a very long time, and it works well. But recently, it sometimes work incorrectly.

TL;DR fcitx5 failed to switch input method with hotkeys in non KDE applicaion, and fix itself after switch in KDE application.

I’m a Chinese user, and use Super+Space to switch between raw English input and Pinyin(a Chinese input method). Usually, it works great, but sometimes, it will fail to switch and lock on raw English input. This had happened in JetBrain’s idea, Microsoft’s edge and probably other applications. When this happened, I can open KRunner or other KDE application, switch IM with Super+Space, and it magically fixed itself, I can return to my original application and it works now.

I have no knowledge about how to debug a input method or how to get the log, so I need some advise to figure out what’s happening.Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum @zetako ,

Unfortunately i never used the app you mention and neither use input switching at moment…
So I’m not able to assist you, but hopefully someone else will jump-in soon that can assist you better.

In mean time i would suggest you to read some of the HowTo-guides in #contributions:tutorials it has many good articles including how to provide info about your system etc etc…