Fax modem: drivers and software

So I am waiting for Amazon to deliver my fax modem:
U.S. Robotics USR5637 56K USB Controller Dial-Up External Fax Modem with Voice
and I am wondering how I will get it up and running? It has official linux support.

On a Debian distro, I would install efax and efax-gtk, but I don’t see them in the Manjaro repo.
Please advice.
Yeah, where I live, some orgs and some people still use faxes.

This is a reader comment from Amazon, from 4 years ago:
This is a Real Hardware Modem within a USB form without requiring an external power source.

For Linux, recompile your kernel for including USB Modem CDC ACM support; or navigate to Device Drivers > USB support > USB Modem (CDC ACM) support. If you’re using a binary Linux distribution, you may need to additionally load the cdc-acm.ko driver/module.

Hardware hayes compatible modems already supported by the linux kernel. efax-gtk and some other fax software present in AUR. hylafax fax server present in extra repository.

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efax-gtk from AUR failed to build.
I guess I could try hylafax but it might be too complex for my needs.

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Okay, so it’s Hylafax. Hylafax+, to be exact. Efax is anyways next to useless because it supports only postscript files, whereas Hylafax supports PDF and other file formats as well.

Any Hylafax experts out there?
I have a USR Robotics fax modem – it is a USB modem, and not of the softfax type.
I did a default config in Hylafax, and when I run
I get the error
Waiting for modem to come ready
I am trying to send faxes, not receive.