Favorite Lesser-Known Open-Source Resources?

This thread to share open source ressources that can be used to improve programs or sites UX.

These usually are sites that provide useful contributions, i.e musics, fonts, colors, scripts, icons…

Please shortly describe or illustrate what is provided.

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I sometimes use these for music resources, most of it is CC (some may be free but under commercial licence) :
Music & songs
Short music https://www.m-operator.com/


To manage passwords, I only use MasterPassword as it stores nothing, thus is not a target.
It’s running on any devices and also as browser extension.
In short, it’s a calculator, the only thing you have to remember are your login and your personal unique password, the one that is generated from there is really complex.

Obviously one shouldsn’t want to trust or pay or both a cloud provider to store passwords… (when I see this, I smile)

One possible similar alternative I’ve heard of is LessPass

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Seems like interesting concept, but what the pros/cons compare to well known KeePassXC?

As I can see you can’t save your own passwords, you can’t alter password settings for each website (?) you can’t change password easily if it was compromised (need to change all passwords again) :thinking:
And benefit is that you don’t need to store vault with passwords?

True, and that’s the key feature : you save nothing !

Not sure to get the point, if you mean adapt to a site specific requirements, yes :

                     x, max, maximum | 20 characters, contains symbols.
                     l, long         | Copy-friendly, 14 characters, contains symbols.
                     m, med, medium  | Copy-friendly, 8 characters, contains symbols.
                     b, basic        | 8 characters, no symbols.
                     s, short        | Copy-friendly, 4 characters, no symbols.
                     i, pin          | 4 numbers.
                     n, name         | 9 letter name.
                     p, phrase       | 20 character sentence.

Not sure of this one either, if a password is compromized (it happens sometimes on a specific server) you just have to change the version counter (default is 1) It’s the same if a site or app wants you to change you password every quarter : just change the counter.

When I adopted MasterPassword, I immediately changed my most important accounts (let’s say 8/10 of them) and then I changed one by one when logging (the last I happened to change was 18 month after my switch ^^)

Again, you store nothing, I give you an example for this very forum. assuming your secret password is blopblop (the only one you have to remember) and using your username arhiepiscop the standard outcome will be Pagu0,SutiCago, if you change to maximum, it’ll be c3^S&Uvm*j3TMSklh07@
And you can recalculate it from anywhere, even with the web app (I better like Firefox add-on)
On the other hand, the reverse engineering (guessing blopblop) is virtually impossible

LessPass has about the same type of features.

You can use it from anywhere, even if you use somebody else’s devices, it’s always available, even offline, you cannot erase it or break it. Would your storage be lost or corrupted, you can use it.
Drawback : you cannot store private info on it as it stores nothing : I know of people who use password vaults to store their social security ID and so on, I merely use a crypted file (with a MasterPassword complex password :stuck_out_tongue: )

I use LastPass. I just need to remember one password.

LastPass is about all what I avoid !

  1. Freemium that one has to pay to trust (just laughing loudly, I am)
  2. Cloud
  3. Vault…
  4. Target
  5. You are lost on a device you don’t own
  6. … ad infinitum

I see there are some castomizations present.
What I’m talking is imagine you have one website that require alphanumeric/upper/lower/20letters and another one that require alphanumeric/8 letters.

As I can see you can generate password that will satisfy this conditions, but as you don’t have any vault how you will store information about what switches you used to create password?

Also it seems that version number of password you also need to remember just in your head?

The add-ons allow for a reminder storage of version number or switch.
LessPass also has a mini database for this purpose.
My own experience proves : it’s not that a big deal. (among the reasons for this, is that, apart some blue chip 1.0 companies, one sees less and less ridiculous requirements + webmasters are more & more).

But with all this, you make me think that other stuff like face recognition could ultimately replace !

asciinema : to record terminal for illustration purpose.



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Asciinema is a national treasure