Favorite Lesser-Known Apps?


I think it is meant to be like a sync folders between computers to share files and folders not to backup…for file sharing it is excellent. I have it on my phone as well so any photos I take with my phone go to my computer automatically. I also share files with other people and it has become so easy.


thanks, i never heard of stremio until now, nice addition to kodi and popcorntime, even better since popcorntime comes with it as a community plugin. :+1:


Here are my favs;

albert-lite - keyboard launcher like Spotlight for macs
gnome-system-tools - handy gnome tools including User/Groups manager
geany - text editor and more
focuswriter - a distraction-free writer with typewriter sounds
strawberry - a fork of Cinnamon Music player that is actively updated
Quod Libet - my second favorite Music player, lots of plugins
gpodder & Gnome Podcast - Podcast players. gPodder has sync options across platforms
Tea - a beautiful epub reader (app image only) / Calibre for epub management
YACReader - comic book reader
KeepassXC - cross platform password manager
Evolution - Caldav support in Gnome for contacts/calendars (no Google app/sync crap here)
Artha - Thesaurus
Gnome Dictionary - dictionary
gThumb - awesome Image Viewer and editor
oStorybook - awesome writer’s tool that is like an open source version of Scrivener. The AUR package doesn’t install for me…waiting for maintainer to fix.
Manuskript is a simpler alternative to oStorybook above.
Zotero - for writers or researchers, personal research asst w/browser plugins, available in AUR or Flatpak.


Thanks for posting about mellowplayer. I installed it and it works great. For Netflix you may need to install extra plugins. If you do not have the widevine plugin already installed, you may need to install it.

I use KDE, so I figured I’d install the following package from the AUR:


Works great now, thanks again for the heads up.


i didnt notice because i already had widevine installed for something else previously.

im loving this thing, keybinding works great in everything, only thing i noticed is amazon music playing minimized it wont recognize next/previous/stop/play keys. right now im trying to mess with the integration.js file created when i created the AM plugin. have no idea what im doing but learning some javascript along the way. :thinking:


Really cool one https://github.com/uoaerg/wavemon


tried ranger and lf, liked lf best because of the (relative) ease of extending it with just some shell scripting… thanks for the heads up with nnn though!


Nice list. I got Odio installed via the Snap app. I was REALLY excited over Crow Translate, was looking for a good translator standalone app, love it. I also grabbed VidCutter via Flatpak app. Happy camper.


Marp replaces any presentation program and gives no fuss professional layout.
I wrote an article on it on my french site (translation available)


Audacious - Music Player - my favourite choice

  • Good looking - clean design
  • Lots of view settings
  • Can play from url’s
  • has more function that I didn’t bother to try out


Wow, thanks for the MellowPlayer tip. That’s a real game changer. And it has Pocketcasts as one of their services too. Terrific. And it’s not a huge memory hog, about the same as the Dropbox client.

I want to nominate Ulauncher since I saw Albert listed here as well. Ulauncher is my favorite of the desktop launchers. It is instantly fast, very attractive, can be customized with plugins, learns from your actions, and consumes less memory than Albert. It’s in the AUR.

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Here is one for all you gif/Meme creators who clog the interwebs with short, tickling and often charged attempts at humor.

Gifcurry - Your open source video to GIF maker
Available in AUR
Available in Snap


Apparently, some didn’t get the memo. :grin:

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who me? sometimes i forget which thread im…sometimes i forget which thread im on :crazy_face:



… helped me get rid of Spotify, Mellowplayer & Lollypop


A fairly new tiling script for plasma, in dwm style. Very simple, but it just works. Multiple layouts support. Integrates well enough with activities and virtual desktops.


I’m torn. On the other hand, I love miller columns of lf and ranger, on the other hand, the filter and navigate as you type functions of nnn are my favorite features of any file manager. Ranger for looks, lf for scriptability, nnn for navigation and filtering. If I could have nnn with configurable keybindings and miller columns, it would be perfect. But I definately need to get more familiar with it, it is awesome!