Favorite Lesser-Known Apps?

PhotoGimp both adds features to Gimp & makes it Photoshop users friendly.

works for me everywhere. a little slow. but adding multiple models of the same face with and w/o glasses and/or turban made it faster and more consistent. Had to follow the guide on the arch wiki here to set it up after installation.
My laptop doesn’t have a dedicated GPU. However, howdy seems to have an option for using a recognition method using GPU which is supposed to be faster and more accurate.

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Sunflower file manager

“Small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins”


“Use mouse gestures to initiate commands and hotkeys”

Installed on every device and distro right after the system.
If you’re using a mouse alot, I can really recommend Easystroke, which is basically a life hack for using mice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Barrier is something i discovered recently. But now I can’t live without it. Since I use my laptop and a desktop at the same time at work, this just makes the entire experience fairly seamless.


Interesting, can this be used as a remote control tool like anydesk or DWservice ?

One big reason I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro is Aqualung, a gapless music player, great for live recordings. Compiling it for Ubuntu took roughly 30 minutes, compiling gtk2 and all the dependencies. Manjaro does it in <5 minutes.

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I would guess one could fork it and modify it to be somewhat use-able that way. But, in it’s current state and scope, no. It is meant for sharing the same input devies (like keyboard and mouse) across multiple devices. So this allows me to switch working from my desktop to my laptop without neeeding to use the laptop trackpad and keyboard.

hblock looks like a real time saver.
Going to pop it on now.

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You can also enable the systemd timer for hblock so then it updates automatically. It indeed is a time-saver.

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Can it be used for touchpad also ? I am searching for more customizable app for my touchpad because I don’t use mouse :slight_smile:

@brtza have you tried libinput-gestures yet? Could be what you are looking for.

Yes, the same gestures also apply to your touchpad. You just need to press the right button (default) at the same time, which may feel a little akward.

I tried libinput-gestures but I am not so good in set-up ,hehe. Will try the both again, maybe with more luck :slight_smile:

This looks so good.

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Thank you.

I’ve actually had some keybind ideas saved so I went ahead and committed them just now.

When viewing pkgs in the AUR (fpf -a) or viewing installed AUR pkgs (fpf -la):
ctrl+p will preview the pkgbuild
ctrl+x will preview the pkg info