Favorite Lesser-Known Apps?

🠕 THIS 🠕

WOW. Thanks man! This is very cool!

Bashtop development is stopped, use Python3 port instead - bpytop.
Available in repositories.

Bpytop on GitHub


pacnew-chaser can use 3 editors :

search '/usr/bin/diffuse', if not found: '/usr/bin/meld' and at end '/usr/bin/kompare
if order is not good, we can force one in pacnew-chaser.ini

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Seriously, THANKS man!


auto-cpufreq completes tlp’s cpu &power management

duf : user friendly df

qView, a Qt based minimalistic image viewer.

It does not have any editing capabilities, but it is way faster than Shotwell/Gwenview as an image viewer.

AUR: AUR (en) - qview

pamac install qview

Qt5 image viewer - very very fast and took over from qView for me - optional video support.

Basic edits (Crop, rotate, resize) and quick copy/move (edit the config for destinations, no browsing there…)

Also can run shell scripts and with plugin support…

Something like this:

gimp "$1"

Excellent, too bad it doesn’t print, though…

It’s a simple viewer. If you want to print, then it’s a very simple operation to open it with GIMP and do that.

What percentage of images viewed do you print?
Obviously if it’s frequent - maybe more than 1% - then it’s worth doing the extremely difficult job of making a script.

Let’s see…

gwenview "$1" 

There, now into Gwenview with shortcut Ctrl+V for ‘view’ and then print.

lp -c "$1" 

There, name this script print.sh
Then add it ctrl+p - you have print. Not exactly rocket science really… :stuck_out_tongue:


Krohnkite isn’t a lesser known app.

What IS lesser known is how to get the developers to include an option to set the ‘default’.

It’s annoying if you’re using ‘Floating’ and you reset KWIN to have Krohnkite always select the one at the top of the list…

So here we have Krohnkite with a difference.

This hacked version lets you set the default :wink:


Thank you @papajoke - pacnew-chaser is a little gem! I agree with @nam1962, it really should be in the repos.


works pacnew-chaser with KDiff3 together?

See here from the author:

Looks like kdiff3 would need adding to the .ini file.

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For someone who has gaming mouse :slight_smile:

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Here’s a surprise…
If you launch ‘hello’ and look at applications>text editor…
There’s Micro with Manjaro settings for Micro.

Fascinating - I never saw anything like it before, friendlier than vim and nicer than nano.

install micro
install micro-manjaro

So we have Manjaro items in /etc/skel/.config/micro (bindings and settings json files) which you can copy to your /.config/micro folder… which sets up color quite nicely at least.

So take a look, after install try micro /etc/skel/.config/micro/bindings.json to see how it looks.

So where’s the Manjaro Tutorial on this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Revival :wink: Favorite Lesser-Known Apps? - General Discussion - Manjaro Linux Forum

There is a learning curve for micro though…

Only if you want to learn - it works as a simple click n edit too… which makes it more accessible than VIM for new users I think… though the vim tutorial is amazing so that’s a huge bonus for vim.

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To further react on your initial post, there is is indeed Manjaro Hello !
It’s very rich, it’s [Application] section is really interesting and easy.
I include it in Favorite Lesser-Known :wink:

Numerous users I’ve installed, including myself underrate it as they (we) initially think its just a welcome banner, indeed it is much more than that !

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