Favorite GNOME Shell Extensions

So–now that we’ve hit “Peak Plasma” with KDE–I am going to switch back over to GNOME for a while.

What are everyone’s favorite Shell Extensions? Dash-to-dock is one of mine, but I know there are a lot of new ones since I last ran GNOME. What are yours?




That being said, I have trouble using gnome these days. I can never seem to use it for long before switching to something else. If I want something gnome-like I usually use Cinnamon or Budgie.


Cinnamon is still my fav (User’s) Gnome-like funbox, but in all fairness, KDE Plasma is far from it’s “peak” yet, as well as Gnome, but anyway,
carry on.


KDE. :heart_eyes:

Sorry if you were actually expecting me to take Gnome seriously.


Shelltile. I prefer the premise of shellshape, nut shelltile works reliably.

Manjaro-update-indicator (or what’s its name, can’t remember). Nicely configurable and integrated.

Activities configurator - Configure the activities button and panel appearance...
Aternatetab - Substitute at-tab with a window based switcher
Caffeine - disable screensaver and autosuspend (has a bug, that freezes shell on certain ocasions)
Dim on battery power - laptop essential imho
Launch new instance
Native window placement
Refresh wifi connections
Topicon plus
User themes

… those are my favorite - ones =)


I haven’t used Gnome since April, when I gave up because I couldn’t adjust my workflow to it (I might give it another try when Gnome 3.26 is out). Here’s my list of extensions I used back then (I have them in a text file so that I remember them and be able to selectively install some of them on different distros like Fedora, OpenSuse, etc…):


  1. Always zoom workspaces
  2. Caffeine
  3. Clipboard indicator
  4. Dash to panel (or Dash to dock)
  5. Disconnect wifi
  6. EasyScreenCast
  7. Refresh wifi connections
  8. Native Window Placement
  9. Shelltile
  10. Sound input & output device chooser
  11. Topicon plus
  12. Windowoverlay icons
  13. AlternateTab


  1. Freon
  2. Openweather
  3. Gno-menu
  4. User Theme
  5. Remove Dropdown Arrows

[quote=“jsamyth, post:4, topic:26283”]
Sorry if you were actually expecting me to take Gnome seriously.[/queote]

Then how do you expect gnome users to take the KDE joke DE seriously Lol :grin:
KDE users again try to hijack a Gnome thread :sob: Oops don’t I use KDE as well?


Applications Menu
Battery Status
Dash to dock
Mailnag (with the Mailnag App)
Manjaro linux updates indicator
Places status indicator
Removable drive menu
Remove accessibility (Because I have to increase fonts size on my FHD display.)
Topicons plus
User theme

I used to have OpenWeather, but not needed anymore with the weather now shown in the Notifications/Calendar. You still have to install Gnome Weather for it to work.

On a side note, if you’re on a laptop and prefer to use the touchpad. libinput-gestures is a game changer. https://github.com/bulletmark/libinput-gestures/blob/master/README.md

I use Adapta GTK & Shell theme and La Capitaine icons theme.


Yeah, it’s great. I used it with bspwm too. Binding 3 finger swipe to alt+direction is great, after a while it is almost painful if it is not available. Great for navigating browser and file manager.

Or actually, 3 finger swipe down was bound to my “open terminal here” script. Got a file open in gedit? View in a file manager? An open terminal window? Just swipe down to open a new terminal in that working directory.

Too bad my “new” computer does not support more than 2 finger gestures.


Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies and gents! :smiley:

There are quite a few new-to-me extensions I’m going to play with over the next couple of days. This is on my wife’s extra machine that she somehow was willing to “lend” me. :smiley:



Couldn’t use gnome without dash to dock

Love hot corners. I set bottom left to show apps…use

dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest=org.gnome.Shell /org/gnome/Shell org.gnome.Shell.Eval string:'Main.overview.show(); if (! Main.overview.viewSelector._showAppsButton.checked) {Main.overview.viewSelector._showAppsButton.checked = true;} else {Main.overview.hide();};'

Besides the standard extensions like dash to dock or the update notifier, I like the wallpaper changer extension although it isn’t something spectacular… :slight_smile:

My favorite extensions:

  1. Applications Overview Tooltip
  2. Coverflow Alt-Tab
  3. Frippery Move Clock
  4. Impatience
  5. OpenWeather
  6. Panel OSD
  7. Remove Dropdown Arrows
  8. Sound Input & Output Device Chooser
  9. Transparent Window Moving / Transparent Window / Transparent Notification
  10. Workspaces to Dock
  11. Clipboard Indicator
  12. Top Panel Workspace Scroll
  13. CustomCorner
  14. Extension Update Notifier
  15. Places Status Indicator
  16. Notification Center
  17. Rounded Corners
  18. Clock Override
  19. Fullscreen Hot Corner
  20. Extensions
  21. WindowOverlay Icons
  22. Disable Screen Shield
  23. WinTile: Windows 10 window tiling for GNOME
  24. Animation Tweaks
  25. Cpufreq
  26. Fully Transparent Top Bar / Transparent Top Panel
  27. Refresh Wi-Fi Connections
  28. TopIcons Plus
  29. Compiz alike windows effect
  30. Arch Linux Updates Indicator
  31. Floating Dock
  32. Application View Columns
  33. Lock screen background
  34. Recent Items
  35. Vitals
  36. Quick Close in Overview
  37. ShellTile
  38. Shade Inactive Windows/ Windows Blur Effects
  39. Blyr/ Control Blur Effect On Lock Screen
  40. Multi Monitors Add-On
  41. Simpler Off Menu/ Bring Out Submenu Of Power Off/Logout Button
  42. Auto Day/Night Theme Switch
  43. Smooth touchpad gestures
  44. Eye and Mouse Extended
  45. No activities button
  46. Activities Icons
  47. Icon Hider
  48. Touchpad Indicator
  49. Hide System Actions
  50. ESCape Overview
  51. BigAvatar
  52. TaskBar 2020

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