FAO Vitor L ref unneccesary unlisting


Created something for or with Manjaro? Show if off here

Just thought I’d point it out, seeing as you said ‘Music is irrelevant to the project, unless you write a song about manjaro.’
It was created WITH Manjaro. If you’re part of the Manjaro team, perhaps maybe look at the description under the forum catagories before unlisting a post eh?

We’re all with manjaro :wink: so for all of us we create with manjaro.
i’m not post here my gimp photo montages and my texts if there’s no relation with manjaro ( or linux)
There are blogs and sites specialized in our creations to show our work - there our works are more at home?

I get you, but in that case, why put WITH manjaro in the description? If they desire only FOR Manjaro, title/describe appropriately.

yes in contibutions is an error, in this “design/art” we have only “for”
it’s the first day: not everything is perfect with the forum (like the announcements)
You can ping @Codesardine to fix it but at the moment he has a lot of work with the forum.

Fair point. @codesardine hope you don’t feel I’m deliberately being an ass, just felt it needed to be said. Anyway, I’ll go back to lurking now :smiley:
Whatever the case, I feel the Manjaro team do an excellent job, this truly is the best Linux Distro…in my opinion anyway :smiley:

Don’t take it personally, I am just trying to keep forum search clean for users looking for relevant content.