Fan noise in Asus laptop

I’ve solved this problem I think
it was from grub I removed the “quite” something like that in /etc/default/grub and I’ve set the time from 10s to 0 and then I’ve rebooted my laptop and now is work perfectly without any noise or loud sound :joy: :joy: :joy:
Thanks to God

I really doubt removing ‘quiet’ from grub boot options fixed your fan/temp.
Its just an option for whether a bunch of text is displayed while booting or not.

(from linux/kernel-parameters.txt at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub)

quiet [KNL] Disable most log messages

Maybe you removed other bits? Maybe you needed to reload/update grub?
(sudo update-grub)

It would probably be more helpful if you actually showed what you did.
(by using history command, or the new inxi output, or contents of /etc/default/grub)

Also … I noticed this is a double-post from your other thread.
So I am going to move all of this stuff there…

I’d used sudo update-grub and again I’d reboot my laptop and it works fine again, sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

the things I did was these:

1- change kernel version to the old version(i think wasn’t helpful)
2- installed lm-sensors and Sudo sensors-decent
3- remove “quiet” word something like this from
/etc/default/grub and set time load grub from 10 second to 0
4- sudo update-grub

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This was your solution (albeit I assume you meant sudo sensors-detect). Of course you needed to do a reboot for the changes to take effect (the “quiet” thingy and the other changes to grub were only coincidence).

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