Famous Arch diss

Many times I’ve come across a certain Reddit post that has been thrown around quite a lot made by some Arch dev, saying some negative things about Manjaro. Now it’s been 3 years since then and I’m wondering if this criticism is valid today. I’m asking mostly because a moderator on Facebook of “Linux Fans Group” used it as a source to his argument “Manjaro bad” and insulted me in a full package.

Reddit that I’m reffering to: https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/9ur2lu/manjaro_a_good_alternative_for_newbies/e96qch1/

Post Link: Redirecting...

The KDE edition is not buggy or broken. Not only is it very usable; I have never had any serious issues with it.


Being a linux enthusiast yet still a newbie for over 2 years… I have been mocked by Arch Moderator for being what I am. Honestly I am pretty sad about the Distro Wars I see on the Internet. I know those words pierce our heart but I guess when bully becomes more and more daily we just have to ignore them and move on.
Have a great day :slight_smile:

First off, this is a support forum. General discussion is welcomed on our unofficial subreddit.

Second, topics like these are unproductive and have been done ad nauseum on our forums before.