Falkon Nexflix widevine error

I am test running Falkon for the first time. I am impressed how it works so far.
I would like to see how Netflix runs on it, but get a widevine error.
Googling does show some have success but when I try an follow symlink suggestions it appears symlinks are there such as /usr/lib/chromium.
Would the fact I do not have Chrome installed be part of the issue?
Do see that Falkon is qt based so could it be a case I do not have the right widevine installed?

I would say you need to install chromium-widevine from tha AUR

NB Chrome is not installed in the same path of Chromium

Qt or not Qt is not the problem,

Do you have widevine installed?

Falkon does support it?

Found the problem. Adblock. Disabling and Netflix runs.

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