Falkon 'child process' failure

I needed to save space on my laptop so uninstalled Firefox and installed the much smaller Falkon browser. It works fine when I open it from the menu icon, but if I click on a url link in an email I get the following message:
Failed to execute default web browser. Failed to execute child process “Falkon” (no such file or directory).
How can I fix this?
My email client is Thunderbird (though I’d like a much smaller program for this too - any suggestions?

Should have mentioned the laptop is running Manjaro with all latest updates.

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Open a terminal window and run these commands:

xdg-mime default org.kde.falkon.desktop x-scheme-handler/http


xdg-mime default org.kde.falkon.desktop x-scheme-handler/https

After that links should open in Falkon.

I suspect that you set the name of the executable file incorrectly - it should be falkon and not Falkon (notice the lowercase f).
So, additionally to what I mentioned above, and since you seem to be using Xfce, navigate to Settings Manager > Preferred Applications > Internet (tab) > under Web Browser insert falkon.

Thank you. Fixed the problem and all now OK.


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