Failure to update via System updates, 233 updates pending

When ever I try to update it now says,

Transaction summery
Failed to prepare transaction
Edit build Files
Apply /cancel.

Failed to prepare Transaction
could not satisfy dependencies:
-removing wxgtk-common breaks dependency ‘wxgtk-common’ required by wxgtk2

pamac remove wxgtk2
run update again

It says that is a dependency for p7zip-gui

im guessing its safe to try removing that next. huh?

yes, then you can build the gui again if you planning on using it

also if you are running the 5.17 kernel, first switch to another kernel, and then uninstall the 5.17, run update

Im running 5.15 kernel, should i be moving to a newer version. I was told awhile ago that sticking with this one was better at the time for gaming like minecraft for instance. I dont even see 5.17 as an option KDE gives me.

no, stick with the 5.15, the 5.17 is end of life, so if you would running it, you would end probably in a black screen…

Thank you, yeah I was confirming and noticed that this is the newest. LTS version. So Lets run the updates again.

In the future, please copy and paste terminal output using proper formatting instead of typing an incomplete summary.

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Yes sir Yochanan, I will remember that, but I wasnt using the Konsole for this update, I was using the Desktop GUI And that is why I formatted it like that. Maybe I should have taken screenshots I thought about doing that. The system is now up-to-date. I appreciate the lesson in pamac

You can still copy and paste the output from Add / Remove Software. Click the right arrow in the bottom right while a package transaction is in progress to see the output.

Please do not post screenshots of text. They cannot be indexed by search engines or copied and pasted from.

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