Failure to retreive specific packages from mirrors when performing "pamac update"

I perform “sudo pacman-mirrors -f” and check the output against the mirrors website to ensure this action performed well. It did.

Then I logout and CTRl+ALT+F2 and perform “pamac update”. The files are downloaded and I get ERROR 404 for several files. I would attach an output of the text but can’t pipe the output to a file.

The mirrors I’m getting the Error 404 are:

The files that are failing to download are:

I tried changing mirrors but when I re-run pacman-mirrors I just get the same mirrors.

What infromation can I provide to help debug the issue? What can I do to fix the isssue?


Hi @mezzo,

While that is, indeed, strange, it could simply be a case of an outdated mirror, or mirrors. It could also be that you’re using a mirror which sync is in process.

Try changing the mirrors manually and check again.

sudo pacman-mirrors --interactive

Hope this helps!

I would try, after the pacman-mirrors, pacman -Syyu instead of pamac.

Do you get similar results when you use pamac checkupdates vs checkupdates.
NOTE:The pamac checkupdates itself might update the pamac repo and solve your issue.

  • pamac has repositories in /var/tmp/pamac/dbs/sync
  • pacman has repositories in /var/lib/pacman/sync
    I think they are suppose to be in sync, but…

Regarding piping output, did you redirect both stderr and stdout to the file.


Used sudo pacman -Syyu and the files that failed to download, downloaded. 702 packages installed with no problems.

System is up and running. Thanks All for your help.

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