Failure reading sector 0xqe8 from `hd0’ / and another problems

I prepared an iso file for installation and tried to run it on the first system, but I encountered this error (Failure reading sector 0xqe8 from `hd0’). I thought the iso file was corrupted and I ran the iso file on another computer, and it worked. I was able to complete the installation so the iso file was not corrupt. Since I couldn’t run the iso file on the first computer, I came up with an idea. I plugged the ready-made Manjaro installed HDD on my computer and pressed the boot menu hotkey, found the HDD, and ran it, but all I see is a black screen and a white one. line. Can you please help me?

Hello @Yunus and welcome :wink:

That means the local SSD/HDD as a badblock (a physical damaged sector) Have a look here: badblocks - ArchWiki

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Thanks for that. However, I can install Manjaro operating system on another HDD with my laptop, but I cannot run the HDD on my desktop computer.