Failed update due to pulseaudio dependencies

I tried to update today and got these dependency errors.

Please se this:

or this


What’s the command for KDE?

Thanks. I just uninstalled Pulse Effects and updating went fine after that.

kmix ?

so sudo pacman -R kmix-pulseaudio-plugin
sudo pacman -S kmix-volumed-pulse
for kde?

Nope !
I don’t know KDE, you have to inquire to find the package names

Installed pulseeffcts-legacy last night and all seems well on that front after having first uninstalled pulseeffects and updated.

Another issue for another thread, but my laptop battery life seems to have plummeted since the latest update, and the battery status icon in the toolbar for XFCE seems to be heavily lagging when plugging/unplugging to power. Battery life wasn’t great before (2-3 hours), but now I’m getting about 1 hour. I’ll make sure over the next couple of days and start a new thread if needed.

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