Failed unmounting /home & /tmp

When I reboot I get the following error:

Failed unmounting /home
Failed unmounting /tmp

There are no applications that I’m aware of that are accessing those directories.

It wouldn’t be surprising for any application to access those:

  • /home is where user files are, including the configurations
  • /tmp is where temporary files are (usually) written

Does your system has actual trouble rebooting? Or does it has trouble after rebooting?

Luckily my system has no problem rebooting.

Then it’s likely minor.
Next time, you could try closing all your applications before rebooting, and see if the message still shows.

If it still shows I could maybe then disable the error messages?

Can you show us how /home and /tmp are mounted in your /etc/fstab?

# <file system>             <mount point>  <type>  <options>  <dump>  <pass>
UUID=190E-455B                            /boot/efi      vfat    umask=0077 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /              btrfs   subvol=/@,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd,commit=120 0 1
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /home          btrfs   subvol=/@home,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd,commit=120 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /var/cache     btrfs   subvol=/@cache,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd,commit=120 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /var/log       btrfs   subvol=/@log,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd,commit=120 0 2
tmpfs                                     /tmp           tmpfs   defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

I would reduce the commit value (default is 30) or remove this option completely.

I haven’t modified the default values.

# <file system>             <mount point>  <type>  <options>  <dump>  <pass>
UUID=190E-455B                            /boot/efi      vfat    umask=0077 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /              btrfs   subvol=/@,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd 0 1
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /home          btrfs   subvol=/@home,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /var/cache     btrfs   subvol=/@cache,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-95a9c47a-ede8-438c-a436-9e117a7636a9 /var/log       btrfs   subvol=/@log,defaults,noatime,space_cache,ssd,compress=zstd 0 2
tmpfs                                     /tmp           tmpfs   defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

Would I be able to disable the errors from being displayed?