Failed to update optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt

i just did the 28.2 update through Pamac and it failed to update optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt.
when i refresh the Database it tries to build both of them from the AUR,but my optimus-manager is from the official repository.also i clicked apply by mistake,but it failed anyway.
how do i update both?

i removed optimus-manager-qt for the time being,but i don’t understand why pamac shows optimus-manager both from the AUR and official repo as installed with the same version number:

optimus-manager was also updated today but not in the manjaro update, and i don’t know why, but as before,even after removing OM-qt when trying to rebuild it it tries to update optimus-manager too as seen in the first screenshot.

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checked the AUR page for optimus-manager-qt and the maintainer says:
The package requires Optimus Manager 1.4+. It won’t work with the old version. The AUR version of the optimus manager (not the GUI) currently has build issue.

i’ll wait for the update from Manjaro to reinstall it,but i still don’t understand why Pamac shows i have optimus-manager installed both from the AUR and the official repos.

The issue was fixed guys. I was able to install optimus-manager-qt from AUR and it works fine.

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