"Failed to unmount /oldroot" after forced shutdown

For reference: I have two hard drives in my PC (one with Manjaro Linux and another with Windows 10)

I recently found my PC completely unresponsive on the lock screen and had to eventually force a shutdown by holding the power button. Since then I get an error that I haven’t gotten before every time I shutdown:

sd-unmoun[6189]: Failed to unmount /oldroot: Device or resource busy
sd-unmoun[6190]: Failed to unmount /oldroot/sys: Device or resource busy
shutdown[1]: Failed to finalize file systems, ignoring.

It still shuts down just as quickly as before and I haven’t noticed any other issues on either hard drive.

What does this error mean?
Is there a way to fix whatever is causing it?

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This old bug was fixed and is introduced again with the last stable update.

Me and a few others had this problem, we are in another tread, i linked your topic.

Come into this tread if you need additional infos.

there is also this one

Are you sure this is a bug? What little I could find by googling is that oldroot has something to do with a clean shutdown which makes sense given that I only started seeing this error after a forced shutdown.

I’m kinda clueless when it comes to the booting/shutdown process so I wouldn’t know where to even begin fixing whatever problem my forced shutdown created.

Atleast 4 people already reported this issue after the last stable update (that released 3 days ago).
And we had this error right after the update. Did you updated befor you archived this error message?

When yes… welcome to the club :star_struck:

I think it was around 3 days ago that I had to force a shutdown.

Apologies if this is a bit of a dumb question, but how would I know if I updated Manjaro? I update my packages every day using the GUI package manager. Was that giant wave of package updates a Manjaro update?

Yes, this bug introduced from the 2Gbyte Update:

You can always vote to show the mods and the community, if you has issue with the last stable release.

Well there was no stable update, since above 30 days. Atleast for me i saw only a Firefox update in this time. Are you using a auto update function in Pamac, maybe you can disable this, so you know when you manually click update and archive the full control.

To disable Auto Updates makes sence, because in this case you can manually create a backup/snapshot with timeshift and you are prepared if you get a unsolved and heavily error from a bigger kernel update.

I’m in the same situation as Kobold: the issue was fixed, but after the update it shows up again.