Failed to sync AUR database Nicht akzeptables TLS-Zertifikat
Fehler beim Synchronisieren der AUR-Datenbank Unacceptable TLS certificate
Failed to sync AUR database
Errrorr has gone meantime
error is back as usual…
error has gone (tested one minute ago)

Turn off aur updates in pamac, update from repos normally. Install yay. Then

yay -Quaq

To check for aur updates. If there are any, update with

yay -Sua

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Should happen on all branches (i am on testing), as it is server related. Probably will get fixed in a couple of days. Until then use another aur helper as i suggested above instead of pamac (yay or paru for example), since the problem seems to affect only pamac.

If it’s a server issue changing AUR helpers isn’t going to do a damn thing.


Come on, this is an issue that is going on since last year, well known now, with MANY threads about it, all with the explanations and “solution”. Don’t act like annoying noob not able to even do a basic error message search on forum (or google), you’re old timer, you’re using the Unstable branch.

It actually will, as it will not use the Manjaro AUR DB server.


The issue is known and we tried to figure it out with our partner CDN77. @guinux is currently rewriting AUR support of pamac to be a plugin like snap and flatpak. Then we can install pamac without it by default. For pamac we used the CDN solution as we DDOS the AUR infra on regular basis. Our community is simply too big to handle. Since Guillaume is working on his spare time I can’t give a lead time on when it gets properly fixed.


Now AUR is working good.

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In testing branch everything seems working for me!

why not use only* http in pamac ?
https is not really useful here


or best use http only after CERT error

   ok = download(url_https)  
except   CERT_ERROR
   ok = download(url_http)
if ! ok { ... }

The database is not signed, right? So it would defeat the whole purpose of TLS. Please don’t do this.

note: {core,extra,…}.db are not signed (only packages) and http protocol is set by default
and manjaro can’t sign this file ?

This fixed the issue for me in pamac with aur
pamac upgrade --force-refresh

This does not solve AUR. Please read the thread first.


but better: sudo pamac update -a
although pamac then complains:
Warnung: Pakete als dynamischer Benutzer bauen
Warnung: Konfiguriere Build-Verzeichnis /var/cache/pamac
With: pamac update -a
pamac complains about missing write permissions…
You can NEVER please people, I’m afraid?
sudo pamac upgrade --force-refresh -a
Then pamac complains that there is no core, extra, multilib,
but does AUR updates

Do not use sudo with pamac.
It will prompt for permissions … thats the design.
If you cant gain permissions somehow … thats some other issue such as misuse, misconfiguration, or bug.

I’m pretty sure that should not be the case…

misconfiguration detected and resolved, thank you!

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