Failed to start systemd timers

When I open my laptop, before loading the SDDM, the screen will say:
[FAILED] failed to start Daily man-db regeneration.
[FAILED] failed to start rotate log files.
[FAILED] failed to start Load/save Screen backlight Brightness of backlight :acpi_video0
[FAILED] failed to start pkgfile database update.

I have installed manjaro 5 days back. At first i had windows in my hdd and manjaro on my ssd. Using gparted i cleared my hdd storage and used hdd as storage but it was not default storage so i tried to make it default by editing some file that i dont remember and i think during that i made a mistake.

I have hp pavilion series laptop with amd ryzen5 and amd integrated gpu radeon vega 8 with total of 8 gb ram.I am using kde plasma

Welcome to Manjaro!

sudo mandb

sudo pacman -S pkgfile

Rest two are no big deal, AFAIK.
But run an fsck on your partitions for log rotate failure.
and for backlight case, check this:

What’s the output of:

systemctl --failed