Failed to start Load Kernel Modules and Failed to mount /boot/efi


After removing some orphaned packages and restarting the system, I entered a black screen with some messages, including “Failed to start Load Kernel Modules”, “Failed to mount /boot/efi” and “Dependency failed for local file systems” . I tried to put a print here but I couldn’t.

I can’t use the keyboard on this screen. I’m new to the Linux world and I don’t know how I can solve this, I will be very grateful for any help. I don’t know if it helps but I have a dual-boot with Windows 10.

Thank you very much in advance

Boot a live ISO - then use chroot and the pacman log file to discover what you uninstalled - then reinstall the missing packages.

Thank you! it solves my problem.

But for some reason, all of my installed kernels (linux510 and linux59) were removed when I removed the orphaned packages

I used sudo pacman -Rns $ (pacman -Qtdq) to remove the orphaned packages, is the command correct?

You should always - always - verify the list of packages before pressing Enter


I am new to linux and had this exact problem but when i booted from a live ISO to fix it using chroot, after reinstalling the latest kernel (linux510) i rebooted the machine. But now the dual boot option to choose between manjaro and windows is gone. It just shows the same black screen with “Failed to Start Load Kernel Modules” as well as “Failed to mount /boot/efi” and “Dependency failed Local file system”.

There were some messages about grub updating, is that the reason why i don’t have the option to boot into windows anymore? If so, how can i make to at least be able to boot into windows? or should i try again and install the kernel linux59? My system wasn’t updated to the newest stable release either, i was trying to make space in root for that and this happened. If someone can help i would greatly appreciate it.

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