Failed to start Load Kernel Modules after update... One more case

I know there are thousends threads like this already, but none of the solutions from those worked for me.

So after updating the system I see this messege on boot.

My kernel is linux54, and also linux510 is installed as a backup.

I also have to mention that I have the dropped nvidia driver installed, 418xx. This is the only driver that works for me (thank you guys for dropping it).

My laptop is Lenovo Y510p with Nvidia GT755m gpu.

During update I had been asked if I want to remove 418xx libraries (like nvidia-utils) and replace them with 460xx, I typed No.

What output should I provide to you for further investigation?

I have live USB and I am able to login via tty.

can you provide under TTY

inxi -Fza 
sudo mhwd-kernel -li
sudo ls /etc/mkinitcpio.d/*.preset
sudo ls /usr/lib/modules/