Failed to start load kernel modules after freezing halfway through update

Halfway through an update to the latest Manjaro release, my monitor went unresponsive. When I tried to reboot I was given the error message “Failed to start load kernel modules”.

I’m quite new to all this but after a bit of digging around I found that it might be related to recent driver issues as my GPU (1660 ti) was on the list. On the error screen I went into the console (tty3) and I followed Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro to update my drivers but it did not help.

What can I do?


Try next time to let the update finish. Usually if is a big update, is better done from TTY.
Since the update was not finished, then trying to reinstall the GPU drivers will not help. Better finish the update:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu


It worked, thanks a bunch.

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