Failed to start File System Check on Root Device — error, any solutions?

I’m using Manjaro XFCE and the above error hasn’t been showing up for the past few weeks. “You are in emergency mode. After logging in type “journactl -xb …”

I’ve gone through another’s forumns here where’s people had the same issue but mine just won’t seem to go away, I gave up and used CTRL + D every time I booted but now my WiFi doesn’t s seem to work anymore.

I’m getting a Network Manager Failed tiny start error as well. I’ve attempted to install Manjaro KDE in hopes whatever reason files are bad will be reinstalled but a bootable disk isn’t even readable (I’m guessing this is from the the File system error)

I’d appreciate any help.
Sorry for the lack of visual aid, I’m typing this from my phone because no internet on my laptop.

can you boot on USB iso manjaro
open a terminal and browser on this topic
and returns

sudo manjaro-chroot -a 
parted -l
journalctl -b -1 -p err 
exit ( end-chroot )