Failed to open "/ on"

Recently transitioned from Windows I just setup another computer with Manjaro, but alas teh guides I had used before from this site are now AWOL so I had to do it from memory… :cold_sweat:

On said recent computer when I click “Browse Network” in file manager after a significant delay the above title error message is produced with the explanation: Timeout was reached.

I looked at all the config files I can think of and the logs too… but saw nothing that suggests what the problem might be.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!

p.s. I just tried SSH and a previously set up computer can actually ssh to this new one, but it doesn’t show in the “Browse Network” option?! The recent computer can also ssh to itself, but both of them give me “connection refused” when I try to ssh to the original computer now…

If you were following a guide on the old forum just place


at the beginning of the address, like:

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Thanks, I did discover the archive and went thru the guides I had used (several times) it has stopped giving me that error (although I never discovered what was causing it).

Alas I’m still left with the fact the first computer shows up in the “Browse Network” tab of File System on both machines while the second one shows up on neither.

Conversely the second computer is reachable from both with an SSH shell while the first one now reports “port 22: Connection refused” regardless which machine I’m on.

I’ve assigned IP addresses and manually and disabled IPv6 for now to make sure it’s not confusing the issues.

I’m feeling frustrated and stumped for ideas at the moment… :thinking:

Do you have firewall? Is port 22 open ?

I suggest double checking this too:

I did find the firewall was active on one machine so I disabled that and restarted it. It still said port 22: connection refused.

I checked that sshd_config is the same on both machines but in both the line #Port 22
was commented out! I’ve uncommented it on the machine that was refusing and now SSH to that works from both 'puters :smiley:

So… that just leaves me with why on Earth one computer is not showing in the Network section of File Manager while the other is. :thinking: