Failed to load firmware "amdgpu/green_sardine_sdma.bin"

I was paraphrasing the conversation upthread, possibly unclearly. The OP had a USB key (with Manjaro’s live USB image) which they used to get a login prompt. They were advised to have a look at the pacman cache. I don’t know whether that might be the issue for me, it was just a suggestion.

I registered to comment in this thread to flag that use of/switching to the testing branch may be a red herring, that other people with this CPU may also be having problems. Apologies for misusing the forum.

Right now, to me, it looks like there was some kind of problem with the version of linux-firmware in the testing branch -
a new version was created and it was advised to update to this new version.

I do not know what the problem was or is with what is now the old version.

My idea behind the suggestion to look in the pacman cache was to see whether a previous version was still present, which could be used to work around the issue.
That is just the easy way to get a previous version -
they can be found online as well, but a bit of research is needed to find out where to get them.

Sorry if my comment sounded a bit harsh.

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