Failed to install manjaro kde openbox gnome


i wanted to install manjaro on my PC. i have kde openbox and gnome editions.
I tried to install all of them individually . What happens is that. After boot and automatic login … .the computer just hangs…given 2 min after sliding “don’t show me startup message”.
i tried removing my ram and re-installing them… i have windows also… … but it seems run well…
also tried using different usb stick…

-kde hangs after 2 mins
-openbox stuck at boot message
-gnome hangs after 2 mins
( i used rufus on dd mode )

i have disk-compression enabled on windows… i even tried removing that … Still same


Where did you get the ISOs? (link?)
How did you burn or write them?


You’ll also need to provide some information about what hardware you have.

It sounds like you might have a laptop with Optimus graphics, so you should read this:


The official manjaro links :wink: … Trust no other place… i have usb sticks … which i use using rufus…i don’t bother with dvd’s since versions rolls on…


Well i have
-AMD A8-7600 APU (2014 D.Ka)
-AMD RX 460 ( in-built graphics are disabled )
-Seagate ST3250310CS 250GB
-Kingston KHX1866C11D3L V01L3LF4GB268 12GB
-f2a78m-d3h motherboard