Failed to install base packages during Architect install

In short: look at photo and pay attention to last 4 lines.

I have an old x32 laptop, and I want to get Manjaro on it. But damn it is resists!
I figured out problems with system clock, I managed to find working mirrors, but I always stuck at installation of base packages. I am going crazy from it.
Why the heck is architect trying to install wrong packages?!

Graphics mode is unavailable because of dead graphics card.

I am using this image:

manjaro32 was removed from the mirrors.

Proud to mark the solution :slight_smile:

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But this is't the problem!
I found some mirrors that are still working. The problem is that somewhy architect is trying to install something whitch is't even a package.

error: target not found: Concatelate
error: target not found: Examples:
error: target not found: or

There is currently no point in installing manjaro32. At the current time, it is dead.

Take a look at instead.

I know about this

I tried it, but there was a lot of problems with drivers.

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