Failed to commit transaction during update

Hi you all,
I keep getting this on my update.

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
gdm: /var/lib/gdm/.config/pulse/ exists in filesystem (owned by pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix)

Can someone tell me how to bypass this or how to correct it?
it would be most helpful.
Thank you

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Uninstall that, it’s obsolete and no longer in the repos or AUR.

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sudo rm pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix
rm: cannot remove ‘pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix’: No such file or directory

It’s a package, remove it like you would any other via Add / Remove Software (Pamac) or:

pamac remove pulseaudio-bluetooth-a2dp-gdm-fix

Thank you, Yochanan,
I had forgotten how to remove a package, It just goes to show how good Manjaro is when you don’t have to do much on usual updates.
Thank you for your help. All is updated and the universe is at peace again.

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