Failed to boot after update (November 2021)

Guys my Manjaro fails to boot after a recent update and freezes on this screen. I doubt if it has something to do with Samba and I attached its log as well.

I usually find and resolve such problems but this time it frustrated me and I have no time to dig in further. Any possible solutions?

Advanced fallback options is not working BTW.

Thanks in advance!

Samba should not hold back a bootup to a graphical interface. Maybe check if you have Nvidia drivers and an older Keppler card, which is not supported by the latest 495xx drivers. See also the second post on our last stable update for troubleshooting this.

Thanks for your comment. I removed Samba and it didn’t help as expected. I also removed NVIDIA driver and installed it again using bash command. But the problem still exists with the boot being freezed like you can see here:

By the way, I have 970GTX and the driver version is 470xx. This happened after today’s update.

Here are some other screens I thought might be useful:

can you return

sudo mhwd-kernel -li
sudo mhwd -li

have you checked in journal logs

sudo journalctl -b 0 -g nvidia  ( or -b -1 , -b -2 , etc... )