Failed to allocate manager object:value too large for defined data type

I’ve recently extended the root directory and the system boots normally
After a boot, it came up with the following message
I have installed windows dual system and I don’t know what to do

systeml[1]:Failed to allocate manager object:Value too large for defined data type
[!!!!]Failed to allocate manager object.
systeml[1]:Freezing execution.

It is a fail safe to prevent memory corruption by trying to fit too large an object into a variable.

What is causing it and why - impossible to say.

I just tried to install edge
It includes a very large number of dependencies which seems to be 8G
Can it be fixed by livecd or something else?

I have a variety of browsers installed (web app testing) include edge - and it is not 8GB.

I think you have serious issues - I can’t say what - much less suggest a solution.