[failed] sddm fails to start after installing qt5-base

So I recently updated qt5-base in my manajro when I was installing Wireshark . I haven't upgraded my system cuz I have limited network connection . After when I rebooted my system sddm failed to start .

I'm sorry for the pic .... How can I get back my sddm running . When I searched this someone said u need to rebuild ur qt5-base package with sddm .... I'm really sorry if I'm saying anything stupid ...and thanks in advance .... I will provide further details if u need

You need to either update your system or downgrade qt5-base to what it was before.

You are in a partial upgrade situation which won't work on a rolling distro.

The short answer is, don't install software without updating the system first. If you don't have sufficient bandwidth to do updates, Manjaro might not be the best choice for you.


Yea sorry for late response . I downgraded qt5-base I had the live installation media of Manjaro checked the version and downgraded it works .. thanks for the help

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