Fail to boot Manjaro

Hello Manjaro developers and community!
I built my own Manjaro Distro with Gnome Desktop environment, with linux50 kernel, with my favorite packages and customization but it failed to boot. I get some errors regarding to Journal Service and Modem Manager. Then the screen become black with a minus character. I have read the manual many times, I searched in this forum if my question is asked before but i can't resolve this problem. I used LZ4 to build faster but with bad compression. My PC hardware is old. With the Package-Desktop list here, desktopsfs size is the quadruple of the LZ4 block-size. I tested it again, still with LZ4, i removed some packages on Package-Desktop so the desktopsfs size decreased to 190k and this one booted successfully.

I also added some packages to Package-Root which are: gcc, gcc-go, gcc-fortran, gcc-objc, llvm, clang.

I also made some changes in profile.conf:

I don't know if the problem regards to package integrity or the desktop sfs size over the LZ4 block-size. :confused:

While i understand the personal ambition to built a distro spin, not sure if i can justify it on the technical level. If this is a fact

There should be no issue to use an already existing build.
Also, consider to edit the post and use for the text output :slight_smile:

ok thanks, next time i will use pastebin

I edited the post

Aside from the packages you added, did you also modified the build profile or you used the original Gnome one? (i can't tell by the look). Maybe one of the @maintainers comes by to the resque ... :slight_smile:

Yes, I modified the profile.conf for Gnome. Besides that, I copied it to .config folder. :slight_smile:
Here is the profile.conf:

Please help me! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Your hardware is old and your trying to run gnome. Try xfce instead. Also stick with the kernel that the iso defaults to which is 4.19.

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ok thank you for the reply! i'm gonna install xfce desktop environment.

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