Fail to boot, cannot run update from terminal

After a reboot, my installation will not boot past the BIOS splash screen. From reading other posts such as this one (Cannot boot after update, previous kernels do not load), I concludedthat the issue was my Nvidia 440xx driver conflicting with the new update, so I uninstalled the driver and attempted to install the replacement. However, running sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-455xx causes my machine to return a slew of error: failed retrieving file 'multilib.db' errors, follwed by error: failed to synchronize all databases. I receive a similar error when attempting to run sudo pacman -Syyu, which was my first response to the failure to boot.

Can you give some more information ?

Post updated. It seems I mistakenly published an unfinished draft, apologies.

I wish I could make a record of what exactly was solved, but my boot works fine now. I booted into live media, tried to get into my installation using chroot, didn’t get anywhere, then rebooted my system. On reboot my original installation worked without issue.

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