Extreme gpu fan noise

Hi all, I installed manjaro last month i had no problem with fan. my laptop is one year old and. last week I have been hearing extremely loud fan noises from my gpu fan even though I checked the temprature and it is not hot at all for all that loud noise. I even brushed my fan blades and used canned air to clean it, no joy. what else can I do to get rid of this noise? how can I possibly monitor my gpu RPM? is there a problem with PWM?

I just discovered something strange. when I hold my laptop upside down while it’s open and running … the annoying sound is gone! normal position makes a lot of sound … does this make any sense to you guys?

Hey, GeenWithEnvy could the tool for you:

pamac install gwe

You need also set the option Coolbits to 4: NVIDIA/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

Then you should be able to control the fan.

Instead of canned air, try to use a vaccum cleaner on its lowest setting with your laptop turned upside down as you seem to have a breadcrumb, feather a piece of debris underneath your GPU fan.

Alternatively, remove the GPU fan from the GPU, clean, reapply thermal paste (if needed) and sick it back.