Extra space in Panel

Hey folks,
I have a dock-like panel at the bottom of my screen using a single widget - Icons only task manager. There’s some extra space on the right side without any reason. There’s nothing there, not even a spacer.
Did I configure something wrong? Any suggestions for the dock? I was hoping I could get it to work without Latte.

I suppose you mean something like this? Its about as good as I could get it:


(it seems it reserves that little space for ‘panel edit’ - it fills with the gear icon in that mode)

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Yes exactly this. I thought I was doing it wrong. :pensive: I’ll go back to Latte.

Oh wait … as long as you can live with the slight buffers on the edges, I think I got it …


I used Latte Spacer (so you can actually control the size) and added it to the left side, set to 18 px.
(with the panel minimum size pulled all to minimum and maximum size pulled to edges of screen)

damn nice. This actually works. It’s fine as long as I just need this one widget. I tried adding a folder view for downloads on the right side, and it messed it up.

Yeah funny that … on the right side the ‘folder view’ button just really wants to jump all the way to the right, beyond the reserved space. Seems like a bug.
It worked OK on the Left Side, but Spacer size needed adjusting.
I thought 26 looks the best, but 34 is more accurate.

EDIT - in looking to see if the behavior could be worked around I have come to the conclusion that it actually stems from Icons-Only-Task-Manager reserving the space at its end, not the panel itself. Thats why it was confusing.

yeah, it’s the space from the widget. Thanks. I guess I’ll have to do without the folder view for now.
The icon for the folder view widget also shrinks, (shrunk width) for some reason.

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